Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deehan Family

Lisa is another good friend of mine who I got to spend time with over the week-end. I met her little boy Cameron and Hubby Warren too.

The weather was not the greatest that morning, overcast and super windy but fun was had by all...

I still have yet to meet a husband who is keen on the photoshoots ;) Warren was hoping for rain to avoid the shoot and I'm sure was dragged down to the beach front to have some family moment photos done! But as all husbands/fathers, he warmed up to the posing towards the end...

Little Cameron, what a character. He is such a good looking young man and I'm sure will break many hearts. He was in full force when he saw the camera and kept smiling all the time (just incase I was taking a pic) For being such a good boy and for doing all our poses, he got a special treat and I bet I was the best aunty he has ever met (well on that day anyways! haha)

Lisa had loads of ideas for poses. I just love it when a family gets involved in the whole shoot and has ideas or props to help me along!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jaime Turns 2

Jaime turns 2 :)

Once again, I got to do a shoot with a boy! After so many years of taking photos of mainly girls, its been rather refreshing to have boys in my shoots :)
Jaime is a typical 2 year old little boy, he doesnt sit still, he finds all little things fascinating and makes random noises at the amazement around him.

His mom, Ishara is a very proud mom and we even had Jaime's granny tag along for support and to catch Jaime everytime he dashed off.

One thing I love is when moms teach their kids about the camera. Jaime was such a big boy and when mom said Smile, he did just that. Showed his pearly white teeth and gave a beautiful big broad smile!

When you meet Jaime, you wonder why people say ''terrible two's. He was an absolute gem and I had loads of giggles along the way :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maternity Shoot

Donne's Maternity Shoot.

My 1st official maternity shoot with a great lady :)

Donne is one of those soon to be mom's that dont mind the constant belly rubbing *tried and tested this theory ;)*
I must say, Donne would put a majority of preggy moms to shame. During our shoot, she had no problems laying down, jumping up (yes, jumping up) and moving around in heels that most un-pregnant women could not wear. This is a mom who has a beautiful belly and a beautiful body to boot!
I had alot of fun with this shoot and with Donne. She is quirky and unique and wanted something different so thats just what we did.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Moonsamy Family

The Moonsamy Family.

Yet another wonderful family that I got to meet :)

Shanalda the beautiful mom, Ronald the organized dad and Rowald the cutest little one year old on the block!

Rowald :) This little man had me giggling from the start. At first, he pulls the funniest faces ever seen and was such a happy little boy. During their shoot, Rowald all of a sudden realised 'shadows', this was the cutest thing ever. He'd be looking all big eyed at me, then look away and be amazed at his shadow from his hand and make the most adorable noises ever.

Mom Shanalda and Dad Ronald have a beautiful little family and it was a pleasure being in their home.
Thanks Moonsamy family :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shannon Dunn

So I get this email asking if I do Modeling Shoots. Um... I dont think so *confused face* But what the heck, lets give it a bash and that is how the beautiful Shannon Dunn came along :)

Shannon and I chatted for days about ideas and outfits and make up and and and.... the usual girl talk but all guided towards her shoot.

The day arrives and Shannon meets me at the arranged venue, studio all set up, battery fully charged and I am for once, nervous as anything. Of course I dont show it and as Shannon walks in, I'm all smiles and in full photog mode to calm any nerves she may have and hoping that my nerves will just go away...

Anyways, fast forward a few minutes (maybe hours, who knows, I wasnt checking) and Shannon comes out in her 1st outfit and so we start. I must say, she is a petite lady but ever so beautiful. I was keen on trying different poses etc and days leading up to the shoot, Google became my best friend. I had pictures of all poses all over the wall for her to see and try.

We where in Studio for just under 2 hours but the time flew by so quickly inbetween the shoot and outfit changes. I took loads of pics and got some really good ones :)

The Rose Family.

I got to meet the Rose family at a local beach one Saturday. It was a beautiful sunny day in Durbs and I was so keen to be doing an outdoor shoot and soaking up the rays.

I first met her husband Brody who like most males, was nervous about the shoot but after a brief explanation of me telling him to forget I was even there, he calmed down loads and I got some amazing shots of dad playing with his boys. Just pure fun in the sun:)
Right behind Dad came Aaron, he is the big brother and was not keen on this stranger tagging along on his family outing ;) After a while of Aaron turning his back on me (obviously trying to pretend I dont exist) I eventually resorted to bribery. He'd get a box of sweeties from me if he gave me a few smiles. It worked! I couldnt believe my luck. And what a beautiful smile he has!
Next is baby brother Xavier, this little boy is totally cute and apparently knows what the camera is all about because everytime he saw me looking his way, I'd get a bright smile or a gorgeous pout! A photographer's dream :)
Onto mom Taryne. Taryne was a complete hun throught out the whole shoot, I dont think I got one photo of her not camera ready. She was always smiling and willing to try some ideas along the way. She really is, The Rose amongst the Thorns ;)