Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deehan Family

Lisa is another good friend of mine who I got to spend time with over the week-end. I met her little boy Cameron and Hubby Warren too.

The weather was not the greatest that morning, overcast and super windy but fun was had by all...

I still have yet to meet a husband who is keen on the photoshoots ;) Warren was hoping for rain to avoid the shoot and I'm sure was dragged down to the beach front to have some family moment photos done! But as all husbands/fathers, he warmed up to the posing towards the end...

Little Cameron, what a character. He is such a good looking young man and I'm sure will break many hearts. He was in full force when he saw the camera and kept smiling all the time (just incase I was taking a pic) For being such a good boy and for doing all our poses, he got a special treat and I bet I was the best aunty he has ever met (well on that day anyways! haha)

Lisa had loads of ideas for poses. I just love it when a family gets involved in the whole shoot and has ideas or props to help me along!

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