Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jaime Turns 2

Jaime turns 2 :)

Once again, I got to do a shoot with a boy! After so many years of taking photos of mainly girls, its been rather refreshing to have boys in my shoots :)
Jaime is a typical 2 year old little boy, he doesnt sit still, he finds all little things fascinating and makes random noises at the amazement around him.

His mom, Ishara is a very proud mom and we even had Jaime's granny tag along for support and to catch Jaime everytime he dashed off.

One thing I love is when moms teach their kids about the camera. Jaime was such a big boy and when mom said Smile, he did just that. Showed his pearly white teeth and gave a beautiful big broad smile!

When you meet Jaime, you wonder why people say ''terrible two's. He was an absolute gem and I had loads of giggles along the way :)

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