Monday, May 30, 2011

The Heuschen Family

Now this was a fun shoot. Just picture this, excited mom, nervous dad and a 2 month old thats 4kg's!

The thing about newborn shoots is that you never want to intrude by moving the baby as you want, No new mom wants a stranger picking up their fragile little bundle that they have protected in utero for all those months... Well Melissa was an easy going mom and made my 1st tiny baby shoot, a breeze. Dad, Eugene even started to enjoy what he was seeing as when it was his time to smile, he was uber keen to please!

Now onto the little 4kg bundle. Jeremiah :) Dynamite really does come in small packages. He has the biggest personality I have ever met crammed into that tiny little body!

Damien and Cherise

And so 2011 is here and flying by, right before our eyes.

My 1st photo shoot of someone that is not blood related went down rather well, considering it was one of my best friends, helped alot.

I got to take a nice quiet drive towards Amanzimtoti (which for any mom) is just as an amazing feeling as being able to have a bath without some little one jumping in.

This is the part I love about what I do, arriving at the 'model's' house and seeing how excited they are to get some great photos done, in amazing company too ;)

My dear friend Cherise, is an amazing gal and I couldnt wait to meet her baby boy, Damien. Aint he gorg?!?

Cherise and Damien