Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shannon Dunn

So I get this email asking if I do Modeling Shoots. Um... I dont think so *confused face* But what the heck, lets give it a bash and that is how the beautiful Shannon Dunn came along :)

Shannon and I chatted for days about ideas and outfits and make up and and and.... the usual girl talk but all guided towards her shoot.

The day arrives and Shannon meets me at the arranged venue, studio all set up, battery fully charged and I am for once, nervous as anything. Of course I dont show it and as Shannon walks in, I'm all smiles and in full photog mode to calm any nerves she may have and hoping that my nerves will just go away...

Anyways, fast forward a few minutes (maybe hours, who knows, I wasnt checking) and Shannon comes out in her 1st outfit and so we start. I must say, she is a petite lady but ever so beautiful. I was keen on trying different poses etc and days leading up to the shoot, Google became my best friend. I had pictures of all poses all over the wall for her to see and try.

We where in Studio for just under 2 hours but the time flew by so quickly inbetween the shoot and outfit changes. I took loads of pics and got some really good ones :)

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